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Claire Hol


Hi there, my name is Claire, since july 2017 I live at Dushi Curaçao! I did the Academy of Arts, specialisation Illustration for 3 years in the Netherlands. But made a career switch, I became a Makeup Artist, that's also painting, one difference, it's On a face!

Creative thinking and creative ideas were always part of my life, but I didn't spend much time On painting though...When we decided to live over here at Curaçao, I told myself that's a great opportunity to start painting again, because (mural)painting is often seen here in this colorful culture.
So that's what I do mostly, making murals for peoples porch, poolside, sportschool or beach clubs.

I like to paint local animals like tropical birds and colorful sea creatures, also love to paint figures in an urban style with accents of spraypaint and dripping.
The way of living at Curaçao is very inspiring for creating art.
Beware.. I'm in a colorful mood, so be prepared!